The 2nd IOBM-AMDIP Faculty Colloquium (IAFC) 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The 2nd IoBM-AMDIP Faculty Colloquium (IAFC) 2017, was jointly organized by Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi, and Association of Management Development Institutions in Pakistan (AMDIP) on September 20-21, 2017 at IOBM, Karachi.


The colloquium was a platform for addressing the demands and challenges of the business environment and higher education. In an environment of increasing complexity and accountability, it is important that business schools focus on appropriate high-quality inputs (human, financial and physical) and the outcomes of those inputs within the context of the business schools’ mission. There should be continuous emphasis on business schools to integrate assurance of learning into their curriculum management processes and make intellectual contributions that have a positive impact on business theory, teaching, and practice. Impact also has a broader meaning in that the business school, through the articulation and execution of its mission, should make a difference in business and society globally. This calls for persistent efforts to improve standards. We invited faculty members to participate, experience and learn from gurus of academia.


Theme of the colloquium was “How Business Schools Can Create an Impact” which was subdivided and discussed in individual thematic panel discussions including: Impact through Industry/ Societal Leadership, Impact through Alumni, Impact through Research, Impact through Students, Impact through Faculty Consultancy, Impact through Executive Training. More than 70 faculty members from 22 universities across Pakistan participated in the colloquium. All panels were chaired by senior faculty from various business schools including Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed, (Acting Rector/Dean Karachi school of Business and Leadership, Dr. Mehtab. S Karim, (Vice Chancellor, Malair University of Science and Technology, Karachi) Dr. Shahid Qureshi (Director Centre for Entrepreneurial Development, IBA Karachi), Dr. Irfan Hyder (Dean Centre for Business and Management, IOBM Karachi), Mr. Danish Imtiaz Gagni, (Manager Career Development Centre, IBA Karachi) and Dr. Ghazanfer Bozai (HoD Management Sciences, IOBM). Further to that participation from the industry, society and students was also ensured in relevant panels to get their vision on the said subthemes and representatives from more than 10 organizations participated in the panels. 


Opening session of the colloquium was graced by Dr. Shahid Amjad Chaudhry (Chairperson AMDIP/Rector Lahore School of Economics), Mr. Talib S. Karim (Chairperson AMDIP Karachi Chapter/President IOBM) and Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad (Founding Chairperson AMDIP, Chairman ILM Trust/UMT). Souviners and certificates were distributed among the participants in the closing ceremony by Mr. Talib Karim, Dr. Irfan Hyder, Ms. Memoona Zareen (Secretary AMDIP), Dr. Niaz A. Bhutto (on behalf of Chairperson AMDIP Sukkur Chapter) and Dr. Jan Mohammad (Chairperson AMDIP Baluchistan Chapter). The colloquium was a great accomplishment in bridging the gap among the faculty members of various business schools with effective discussion on the aforementioned topics of crucial importance.

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